Shut it down, and shut it down fast 2.0: Updated

Any of you – man or woman, gay, straight or other – who have done the online dating thing: have you found that most people think that you’re dumb and/or naive, or is it wishful thinking on their part?

After last night’s Shutdown 1.0, a message came in from the dating site. I could see that it was someone new, but I didn’t feel like dealing with any of that, so I settled in blissfully with my book. I recognized the guy, as he was on before I was (so at least for several weeks) and I’m in such a small area that I tend to see the same profiles pop up.

I left the message for this morning, and when I read it, it was clear that he had read my profile and was articulate: two ticks in the “Pro” column. Not my style appearance-wise (one tick in “Con”), but we did seem to have a lot in common (a third for “Pro”). He also noted in his profile that he’d been matched with women with several common interests, but they never got back to him. I didn’t want to be that asshole, so I wrote back.

Over lunch, I decided to do a little sleuthing. I had his first name and his city, so off to Facebook I went. And didn’t I find his profile picture with his girlfriend, and find several of those hokey inspirational graphics that would make Jack Handey proud. Some had been posted within the past few weeks, during the time he was definitely cruising the dating site. I have thoughts about this.

I cannot wait until he writes back so that I can share them.

Graphic of a woman leaning on a man, saying,

I’m not the dumb one in this situation, sir.

Update 7/28/2015: I may have been wrong. MAY. Although it would be odd to have two men with the same first name, in the same field living in the same tiny city, it could happen. I fucking hate being wrong, so I have screen shots in case I’m not!


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