Foster Fingers Crossed!

My foster dog Baxter went to a possible foster-to-adopt home yesterday. So far, so good; he LOVES the kids and isn’t harrassing the resident senior dog. Let’s hope this happens!

Update: foster home didn’t work out, so I foster-failed and he’s with me for good!


Little Falls

Don’t judge my lack of creativity in the Title Department – I’m hot, tired, and everything hurts.

That said, I spent all weekend in Little Falls, which is about a 30-minute drive east of home. To most people, a 30-minute commute is nothing, but when you’re from an area where everything you really need is 10 minutes away, a half hour may as well be an eternity. Many of my fellow Central New York residents (myself included) are hesitant¬†to visit our neighbors because we’re just not used to having to really¬†go anywhere. Sure, if it’s Syracuse, Boston, New York, or Toronto we’re all over it because we perceive those destinations to have more value, but we too often overlook the gems next door.

I landed in Little Falls over the weekend because my friend Jewel of Denile was participating in Chicks Along the Canal, which coincides with the city’s Canal Days. The event is right near the canal (as one might guess), so I had the opportunity to explore a bit.



Mohawk River behind the Little Falls Antique Center

It’s decrepit and possibly abandoned. I want it.

Jewel of Denile



I lifted this from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation site: “The Mohawk River Watershed lies entirely within the borders of New York State. The Mohawk River originates in the valley between the western Adirondacks and the Tug Hill Plateau and flows 140 miles to the east where it joins the Hudson River. The Mohawk Watershed comprises about one-quarter of the larger Hudson River Basin. Sections of the Mohawk River also serve as the New York State Barge (Erie) Canal.”

It was an important waterway commercially and was strategically significant during the Revolutionary War. It also likes to flood.


Pretty sure this is Moss Island. I’ll have to verify with climbers.

These are most likely weeds, but I don’t care. Purdy.

So, anyhow, those are the pictures. I should wrap this up better, but I’m tired and don’t feel like making the effort. #adulting


Fridee fun with Prisma (and UC)

I hadn’t looked into Prisma because I assumed that I’d have to pay for the app. I was wrong, and now I’m way too interested.  Add some cold Utica Club on a hot night and I’m entertained!

can of Utica Club beer

Hello, Uncle Charlie

Utica Club Prisma

Trippy, Uncle Charlie

Utica Club Prisma

Why so blue, Uncle Charlie?

Utica Club Prisma

I think this is a bit much.

Utica Club Prisma

In the name of all that’s holy, what kind of mushrooms are in that app???