Bring on spring because dresses

I love dresses. I haven’t always, but as I get older and have lost any patience for wasting time coordinating outfits, dresses have become my favorite. 

It’s been a mild winter here in upstate New York, but today it hits 50 degrees. 


image of a kitten and the temperature at 59 degrees

Um, what?

This means that I don’t have to bundle up in jeans and layers to get through the day in my basement office. Bust out the dresses. 


woman wearing a blue dress taking a selfie in the mirror

I get ready for work, cat lounges on bed.

I wish that I ‘d chosen a different color, but I love the neckline. I also kind of wish/kind of don’t that I had a full-length mirror. 

I purchased this dress, and many of my others from eShakti. I was a bit uneasy when I first ordered as nobody I knew had used them before, but I’ve been really pleased. In most cases, you have the option to customize sleeves, neckline, and length. You also input your height, which does a lot for fit and appearance. Everything I’ve ordered is cotton or a blend because I loathe paying for dry cleaning. 

And I couldn’t resist a bright, saturated lip color


tube of bright pink lipstick

NARS lipstick in Full Frontal

It’s good to see you spring. Please stick around.