Posts from the past

Not the past from this blog. Oh, no, no. Posts from on online “news” site that actively courts writers for specific subjects. (I wrote about cats: shocking, I know.)

The pay was next to nothing, but I was just starting out as a writer, blogs were in their infancy, and I figured that the exposure was worth something, right? So, I played nice and wrote up events for local shelters, featured adoptable cats, and was able to get the occasional informative piece in there. Over the years, the site tweaked their requirements: one day they stressed local, the next day they stressed newsworthy, and yet another day they’d stress original. Regardless of their requirements, all I saw from most other writers was uninspired dreck. DRECK, I tell you. The last straw came a few weeks ago.

In what is – in my view – a clear attempt to avoid paying its writers the measly fraction of a penny per article view, they had a team of douchenozzles go through everything everyone had ever written for the site and judge whether it fit the latest iteration of their requirements. The review douches unpublished everything they didn’t deem worthy, and the page views the articles had amassed were deducted from the current total of views. Those. Fuckers.

Tonight, I went through everything I wrote, copied everything that I wanted to replicate, and saved it. I’m going to rework them so they’re less newsy and more bloggy, and are just different enough to avoid a c&d. I anticipate the day I get an email threat that I’m going to lose my ability to publish for them with bated breath so I can respond with a simple and eloquent “suck it.”

The point of this meandering post is that you’re going to be seeing a lot about cats in the coming weeks. A lot. Please play along and enjoy your role in my sticking it to The Man.

Black and white cat on couch.

Hello. You’re going to be seeing an awful lot of me and my kind. I’d apologize, but I’m a cat and we’re not sorry for anything.